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Tarrey Torae new recording a preview by Julia W. Rath

★★★★It’s Valentine’s Day weekend and bitter cold in Chicago. What a treat to spend the night before the holiday by listening to love songs from the comfort of one’s home! “Catching Feelings” was a brilliant live concert performance by Tarrey Torae, who sang selections from her upcoming album of the same name. Throughout the evening, she celebrated the spirit of love in all its forms with songs that are a combination of R&B, country, blues, and pop. The title of her album implies that her music is a counterpart to that of her loving partner J. Ivy and the recent release of his own album “Catching Dreams”, previously featured by the Chicago Artists Workshop (a/k/a CAW) and Eighth Blackbird two months ago. Now Torae has returned to the same venue with songs that are her own.

Resplendent in satiny baby blue and sporting a warm self-assurance, her experience working with some of the music industries brightest lights from Kanye West and John Legend to Erykah Badu and Patti LaBelle shone through in the confident ease of her stage command...Read more

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