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Tarrey Torae: Empress of Love (Songs)

Artists nurturing artists is a phenomenon that may extend as far back as the first cave painters. And it likely includes those early humans who discovered you could create melody, harmony and song through voice. Chicago Artist Workshop (CAW) wears that mantle today as it fosters, helps to produce and presents the work of gifted artists across genres throughout the city. A project of the Grammy awarding winning ensemble, Eighth Blackbird, CAW began streaming live concerts in January to provide a creative outlet for artists stymied from performing because of Covid driven constraints. With few exceptions, each concert profiles a Chicago based artist. Currently running through March 31st, Eighth Blackbird Percussionist and Artistic Director Matthew Duvall wants “the series to be defined by its extraordinary caliber and creativity”.

Song stylist Tarrey Torae was in the CAW spotlight over the Valentine’s Day weekend. The timing proved strategic. Featuring music from her recently completed album, Catching Feelings, Torae used the opportunity to saunter through the many facets of contented love in song...Read More

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